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Maureen Orlando

Maureen Orlando is a seasoned financial operations executive with over 30 years of experience managing client assets. Now, as the founder and operator of MTO Financial Services, she provides her expertise to directly service clients while dedicating the time necessary to develop a personal touch.

Orlando’s dedication to success is unmatched. Combined with her strategic planning ability, astute business acumen and articulate communication, clients are highly confident with her oversight of their financial future. With a reputation as a change agent that keeps a keen focus on operational excellence, Orlando’s clients benefit in ways that are out of reach when dealing with a larger conglomerate.

MTO’s customer-focused service is finely attuned to serving client’s financial needs with the immediacy required to maintain the highest level of accuracy and expedience when it pertains to their personal wealth and how to optimally manage it.

Orlando has been pivotal in the success of business start-ups and high-growth operations. Among her most impressive accomplishment were launching and growing a registered advisory investment firm from $200 million to almost $1 billion in assets under management. There, she expanded the client base from high-net-worth individuals to institutions and endowments, all while building and managing an entire operating infrastructure to form world-class financial and administrative teams.

Maureen Orlando

During her career, she has transformed trading systems by automating manual processes, improved operating efficiency and trained countless team members across the firm on use. Her focus has always been to cut expenses, allowing staff to focus on business development.

Her in-depth knowledge of all facets of financial services operations has gained her respect and praise from colleagues and clients alike. She has expertise in a broad range of asset classes including alternative global and domestic investments, publicly traded securities, hedge funds, private equity, and venture capital.