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Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting for Investment Firms, Individuals & Family Offices

MTO specializes in customized financial reporting for Registered Investment Advisory firms, individuals, and family offices. Serving as your virtual back-office, without the expense of a physical location, MTO eliminates the cost of additional overhead.

At MTO, we provide our clients with individualized financial information at their fingertips 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year. We work around the clock to keep track of your investments as those investments work for you. And when you need them, your custom reports are ready to be viewed and analyzed at your convenience.

Think of MTO Financial Reporting as your personal hedge fund administrator. We act as an independent third-party administrator to carry out all the activities and processes of running your collective investments. MTO does all this while tracking and interpreting all the pertinent details so you can make informed decisions about the future direction of your investments.

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You may ask – “Why should I choose MTO?” or “What makes MTO different?”

Well, here’s what we do:

  • We provide our clients with complete transparency, clarity and accountability on all their investments.
  • Our performance reporting platform delivers the information required to make sound investment decisions quickly and easily.
  • Our quarterly reports start broadly, identifying and comparing total portfolio performance. Included are custom benchmarks for viewing over multiple time periods.
  • We maintain all records of investments including statements, confirms, K-1’s and reports from your investment company.

MTO’s services include:

  • An account summary that shows portfolio beginning and ending balances, income and expenses, and profit and loss, over any given time period
  • Investment activity reports showing performance and cash flows
  • Individual net worth calculations
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual reports
  • Calculating performance on the total net worth and individual investments
  • Oversight of monthly transactions to ensure that those that are processed actually took place
  • Reconciliation between brokerage statements and investment managers
  • Tracking all cash flow between other investments
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Report Preparation

Our MTO Financial Reporting team provides a comprehensive and insightful set of financial reports on an on-going basis. We work with our clients to understand their reporting needs and develop the right group of reports to serve them best.

MTO’s report preparation services include:

  • A summary and detailed reporting of all investment positions
  • Calculation of investment performance and comparison against industry benchmarks
  • Analysis of assets allocation across all investments
  • Consolidation of multiple entities and/or years for a complete financial picture
  • Generation of custom reports based on individual client needs
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Data Aggregation

Timeliness is our promise. For your reports to be meaningful, MTO adheres to strict guidelines to provide your personalized information in a timely fashion.

Data aggregation needed to generate such reports can be a challenge to maintain with limited staffing. This is where clients find added value in our service, virtually eliminating the need to hire additional in-house staff.

We can assist with the following:

  • Retrieval and reconciliation of bank, credit card, and portfolio transaction across all accounts
  • Reconciliation of portfolio positions and adjustments for corporate actions
  • Revaluation of investment portfolios and alternative investments
  • Storage of all documents on a secure cloud platform accessible from any device 24/7

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